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Answers to commonly asked questions

How long is an energy healing session?

Typically a healing session will be around 90 mins. The first session has more assessment and can take up to 2 hours.

What will I feel during an energy healing session?

Each session is different. Some sessions go very deep and you could fall asleep. Falling asleep will not negatively impact your healing experience. Some common sensations are: twitching, feeling surges of energy in the body, warmth, cold, temporary numbness or tingling. Other common experiences are emotional releases, laughter, tears, remembering memories, sense of forgiveness, resolution, aha- moments, etc.

How often should I return for another session?

Each client is different and has different needs. Chronic physical ailments generally need more sessions, at minimum once or twice per month. Maintenance sessions typically happen once every 6 months. Some clients come for only one session.

Is energy healing safe for pregnant women?

Yes, energy healing is safe for you and your baby. The modality I practice if very gentle and non-invasive. Depending on your term, we can set you up on your side, with plenty of pillows. I have worked with many expecting mothers, who all said their babies felt very peaceful throughout the session.

How long can I expect to see results from energy healing?

Every session, body and ailment are different. Energy healing is effective for the body/mind/spirit/emotional realms. Because everything is interconnected, a healing for the body will affect the mind, emotions and spirit etc. A major change can be noticeable throughout the session, or a major change could be noted within a few weeks after the session. The healing works on the subtle and dense aspects of our beings. It can take time for the healing to penetrate all the layers. Ensuring you are proactive with your homework and aftercare will expedite your healing.

How much does a session cost?

Our rates are based on a sliding/scale (pay what you can afford) between $60-$100.

If I’m taking medicine, do I need to let you know?

Energy healing can have a mild effect on how your body relates to your medications. It is very wise to let me know. Having a nursing background, I am familiar with medications and how they interact with the body.

What can I do to prepare for my energy healing session?

Knowing what your intention is for the healing is important. Defining an authentic intention can take some introspective work. “Wanting to get rid of…” is not an intention. Knowing what you want to move towards will help you feel more clear and empowered in your healing journey.

How should I care for myself after my session?

It is wise to treat your body as though you have just had surgery. No heavy lifting, avoid alcohol, eat healthy, relax and drink plenty of water. At the end of the healing session, we will have a short debrief where we discuss any insights or next steps in your healing. At this time, we will co-create a homework plan to support your integration.

Do you practice Reiki?

Reiki is a common energy healing modality practiced in Vancouver. I do not practice Reiki as a modality. I practice Integrative Energy Healing. It is a modality from a 3 year energy healing certificate that I obtained from Langara College.

Is energy healing religious?

Energy healing is based on the premise of bio-science. This views all life — big and small — as being interconnected. The modality we practice helps various parts of the body/mind/spirit/emotions talk and connect with one another. I learned from teachers who traveled the world studying various forms of healing from ancient cultures. Each culture has mapped out the anatomy of the human energy field and work to clear and restore the field in similar ways. There are numerous scientific studies of energy healing, which I would be happy to share if requested.

Wondering what to expect?

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