Month: February 2017

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More than meets the eye

Inviting what Lies Beneath

It has been said by countless mystics and thousands of scientists that the fabric of existence is made of energy — waves and particles. We are primarily made of space. Very little of what we are is physical. We are less than 5% physical. Yet, many of us are completely entranced by only our physical existence. Our physical bodies are the last of many stages of our manifestation.

There is a perfect universal recipe of fabric (mesh) meeting flow (fluid). This can be seen in each layer of our bodies: skin, blood vessel, tissue, bone, bone marrow- an ongoing unfolding of mesh and liquid. This pattern expands into the energetic compositions of our being: the emotional body, mental body, etc. If we are less than 5% physical, how could we possibly address any physical/mental/emotional/spiritual imbalances from the limited physical lens? Because our physical layers are the more final manifestations of our being- it is only when an imbalance has gone so far through our energetic layers that it would even present itself in the physical.

Could a plumber fix the plumbing by cleaning a sink? Could an electrician rewire the pathways by washing the walls?

Our healing journeys are well beyond skin deep.

In a health care system that is primarily isolative, we are collectively encouraged to zone in on one symptom, one organ, one treatment, on drug- that is extracted in isolation. But where in nature do we see existence in isolation? Where in our body to we see separation? We don’t. Forgetting that we are energetic beings will not assist us to heal our ailments that often have roots deeper than we could ever anticipate. If healing was seen as a journey- we would recognize that each step we take towards our fullest cellular embodied resonance was a dance and a delightful unfolding. If healing was a destination, we would extract resources, be an observer rather than a participant and we would eventually be moving on to the next thing without giving our healing the pure reverence it deserves.

What if our “ailment” was a reminder that we are being prompted to move closer to our truest radiance? “Getting rid of” the prompts will only cover them, but they will never disappear. Our spirits are much too intelligent to forget that we are more than meets the eye.