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Light Touch Energy Healing is a Vancouver Island-based energy healing clinic focused on integrative care through energy healing, providing positive overall wellbeing through skilled support of your personal energy fields.

Light Touch Energy Healing

Nursing Background

Practitioner Krystal Patience has a background in nursing, so she approaches energy healing from a clinical viewpoint

Solution Focused

Light Touch takes a client-centered approach, finding disruptions in your aura and bringing it back into beautiful harmony

Musical Support

Not only does Krystal Patience use music as a significant part of your treatment, she creates special music customized for each patient


You can come to our centrally-located Vancouver clinic or we can come to your location. Call to discuss your needs.

Your own customized music

Music is a key source of physical harmony and energy alignment. Krystal Patience of Light Touch Energy Healing can create a beautiful customized musical composition just for you, especially designed for your unique situation and needs.

Krystal Patience, RN, IEHP is ready to help you with a personalized energy healing solution. Get in touch today.

What makes Light Touch Energy Healing your ideal solution?

We are all made of energy. Your entire body is a whirling mass of particles and energy that must align in a coordinated way to make everything function smoothly. When things get out of alignment, your energy field, known as your “aura,” is affected impacting other areas of life.

Light Touch Energy Healing uses a clinical approach born out of nursing experience to help your energy fields align to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, create more focus and help you to feel more in control of your life. Address chronic pain, improve relationships, assist with symptoms for chronic diseases, improve memory and more. Call today!

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Music has a remarkable influence on your body’s natural forces. Krystal Patience is an expert at crafting custom music especially for you, designed to assist your healing process.


All health care solutions have value. And optimizing the body’s natural energy fields is a foundation for how your body deals with everything from stress to injury.

Powerful solutions born from a nursing background that bring your energy fields into balance

Meet Krystal Patience, RN, IEHP

Energy Healing from a health care perspective

Energy healing is a powerful and essential health care solution. Krystal Patience, RN, IEHP brings her nursing background to her clinical practice, allowing her to apply the best aspects of health care to your energy healing treatments.


Your aura and your health

Your aura is directly connected to your level of health. Your physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional well being and spiritual energies are all part of your health condition. Being healthy at all these levels results in a bigger and brighter aura. When any of these are negatively impacted, your aura begins to diminish. Energy healing restores your aural volume.

Keeping your aura strong

Scientific research has found that the aura is an electromagnetic energy field extending all around a healthy body for about 4-5 feet. In unhealthy people the aura appears to be depleted. Just as you work to keep your lungs healthy to absorb oxygen, to keep your aura strong you must absorb pranic energies properly.

What is Energy Healing?

One of the world's oldest healing modalities

Energy Healing is an ancient and complementary healing modality that treats the patient in a holistic way. The practitioner addresses imbalances and disturbances in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual through gentle hands on and off the body techniques. Most of the terminology of the human biofield comes from Vedas, one of the older sacred texts in human history (1500- 500 BC).

Energy healing stimulates the repair and regeneration of tissue.

Through using high sense perception and dialogue, root causes of disease can be uncovered with Energy Healing. Native American people saw humans as energetic beings and believed all illnesses came from some form of energetic imbalance within us.

What patients are saying


Only try to make today excellent. If today is excellent, then tomorrow will come.


In the natural world, creation comes forth with ease. A seed doesn’t struggle to become a tree- it simply unfolds in grace.


Your health journey

Energy Healing Treatments

A commitment to your body’s health is the most powerful gift you can give yourself. One energy session can be a wonderful experience that will offer insight and healing.

Your health journey

Progressive Treatments

If you are at a crossroads in your life, healing from a chronic condition or stepping into a new experience, make a commitment to a series of sessions, once per week. Foundational changes take time.

Relaxing Process

What to Expect

New to Energy Healing? Everything about it is designed to bring your energy into balance. We’ve put together a convenient guide to help you understand what to expect from your treatment.

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New to energy healing?

Energy healing is highly effective and non-invasive. It is a beautiful modality that compliments western or allopathic healing practices such as: reducing medication side effects, processing and debriefing taxing experiences and assisting the body/ mind/spirit to relax. Light Touch Energy Healing is comparable to Reiki, Acupuncture, Healing Touch and Lomi Lomi.

  • Relaxing and invigorating treatment. You’ll feel refreshed and energized.
  • Support for chronic pain issues. If you’re struggling with pain and don’t know where to turn, give energy healing a chance.
  • Discover direction and focus. Energy healing removes spiritual and mental blockages, opening up opportunities and direction for decisions.
  • Dealing with change? Energy healing restores your spiritual and personal balance when dealing with life changes such as career change, relationships, moving and more.

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