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Energy Healing

Variety of treatment options available, including packages that combine yoga for maximum effectiveness.


Optional Special Offerings

We offer a variety of special options to further enhance your treatment. Take a look below!


Holistic Health

Putting your body into harmonic balance through related modalities


All parts of the body, mind and spirit long for unity, peace and the opportunity to function at optimal capacity. Energy healing provides a simple avenue for these aspects to harmonize. All life experiences, memories and emotions become fluid; redefinable and empowered when they are held in a safe and nurturing way.

The human anatomy is both physical and non-physical. The non-physical aspects are located within the Human Energy Field, also known as the Aura. Balancing our aura balances our life.

Energy healing is highly effective and non-invasive. It is a beautiful modality that compliments western or allopathic healing practices such as: reducing medication side effects, processing and debriefing taxing experiences and assisting the body/ mind/spirit to relax.

Energy healing is helpful for all aspects of our life journey. Some examples are:

  • Stress, worry, sadness, feeling lost, confused or uninspired
  • Life changes: job/relationship/, growing family, loss of a loved one
  • Alignment to your soul purpose and attracting beauty and abundance
  • Reinventing yourself, going traveling or wanting to discover a new talent
  • Loving yourself fully, deeply and truly!

Wellness Packages

A commitment to your journey is the most powerful gift you can give yourself. One energy session can be a wonderful experience and will offer insight and healing. If you are sensing that you are at a cross-roads in your life, such as embodying a new you, healing from a chronic condition, stepping into the unknown, etc., it is recommended that you make a commitment to a series of sessions, once per week. Much like going to see a chiropractor- foundational changes take time, patience and perseverence.

Please review the following healing packages with thoughtful consideration.

Package A

3 Energy Healing sessions
1 Private Yoga Session

Package B

5 Energy Healing sessions
2 Yoga Sessions

Package C

7 Energy Healing sessions
2 Private Yoga sessions
1 Nutrition Consultation

Additional Yoga Private Yoga sessions $60

Additional Nutrition Consultation $60

I am honoured to be walking your path with you 🙂

Additional Information

Session Duration

Your first session will take close to 90 minutes.

Subsequent sessions will take 60 minutes, or longer if needed. Sessions do not take longer than 90 minutes.


It is helpful for both of us to arrive to your healing session 10 minutes early. In this time, you can take a few moments to use the restroom if needed. Hand washing is recommended as a simple grounding and cleansing practice. Give yourself time to settle into the space before your treatment.

The healing space provides services in two other rooms, thus it is kind to arrive quietly.

Call 778.322.7444

Location & Hours

Light Touch Energy Healing is located at Sattva:
2956 West 4th Ave, Vancouver BC
The stairs leading to the doorway are between Earthrise Garden Store and the Flying Tiger restaurant.
Clinic Hours

With Appointment: Friday 10am-6pm

Mobile Services


Mobile Services are available upon request.

Fees & Payment

15 minute consultations are free of charge if you are interested in experiencing a healing and are not sure if it or I am the right fit for you.

In order to be accessible for varying household incomes, I offer a sliding scale (s/s) range of $80-$120 per session for in-clinic treatments ($100-$140 for mobile).

It is my hope that those who need healing will have equal access regardless of their financial situation. Thus, I have a pay it forward program as well, where those who enjoyed their session, having paid a full s/s amount can “pay it forward” for another who may not have otherwise been able to experience a healing.

It is my dream for the future of our community that we give simply to give- and rest assured that we will always receive what we need, in perfect timing in the most beautiful way.

Payments can be made with Cash, VISA/Master Card through Square, checks or email money transfers.

Cancellation Policy

Arriving late will result in a shorter session.

Please provide 24 hours notice for cancellation. Clients will be asked to pay 50% of the sessions when cancelling with less than 24hours notice.


Energy healing provides a simple avenue for all aspects of your life to harmonize. Your life experiences, memories and emotions become fluid; redefinable and empowered when they are held in a safe and nurturing way. Contact Krystal Patience, RN, IEHP  at 778.322.7444 to learn more!