Your experience

What to expect


Your Arrival at Light Touch

A setting that puts you at ease

Sattva, located in Kitsilano, is a healing co-operative space with a quaint and quiet feel. There are cozy chairs in the waiting area and tea to keep you comfortable while you decompress from your day and prepare for your healing treatment.


Your Treatment

Balancing your energy fields

A healing session is about 90 minutes in length. We start by asking what brought you here and learning more about what you hope to resolve. A brief health history gives a broader sense of what you are experiencing in your life and what your goals are. Having an intention for your treatment can help refine and redirect the energy in your body. Through this assessment, we can discover relevant connection and themes that contribute to your life.  We walk you through a guided meditation to help you further relax.

Once your intention is refined and clear, you relax on a massage table, clothed and under the covers. Treatment includes a series of hands on and off the body, with some sound healing and breath coaching to help move and shift energy in your field. You will likely fall into a state of deep relaxation. You may experience temporary twitches, hot or cold sensations, tingling or surges of energy. You may also hear important messages, recall past memories or dreams or have ‘ah-ha’ moments.


Post Treatment

Optimizing your experience

A key component to the effectiveness of your healing is your post care. After the session we debrief your experience and you have a chance to reflect on any vision or insights you had. You can ask questions and contemplate messages from your inner wisdom.


Follow Up

How often should you return?

During your post-care interview we will discuss if further sessions are needed and/or make appropriate referrals to other health care practitioners such as a naturopathic doctor, GP, specialists, dietician, chiropractor, etc.

We’d love to energize you!

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